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Things I've enjoyed you might enjoy too :)

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📼Matchstick Animations


Japanese designer Okazaki Tomohiro makes playful stop-motion animations of matches. Mesmerising and oddly satisfying!

Added 4 May 2021

🎮Manifold Garden


This mind bending puzzle game is a somehow calming trip through infinity. Each level is solved by twisting gravity to manouver blocks as you travel by falling/flying through endlessly repeating versions of the same world. It’s hard to explain, watch the trailer!

Added 27 Apr 2021

🎬Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse


Holy moly I enjoyed this animated crazy Spider-Man film a lot! They really went to town experimenting with the animation and visual styles. Even the end credits are a piece of motion graphics art. The sound design is rad and the characters are all great too! My partner Katie usually hates superhero films, but as soon as we finished this one she said “I want to watch that again…” so, there you go!

Added 8 Apr 2021

🎵Cheater - Pom Poko


This pop/punk/noise album by Norwegian band Pom Poko is like candied habañeros, sweet but spiky! Gets me excited!

Added 7 Apr 2021

🎵Color De Tropico Compiled By El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas


This compilation album of Venezualan music from 1966 - 1978 is bringing some sunshine to my life at the moment. My lil boy loves dancing to it too! There’s a second compilation out soon if this floats your boat.

Added 7 Apr 2021

📼Small Talk


A trippy lil short of two guys talking bout nothin while their faces go nuts.

Added 6 Apr 2021

📼Popcorn Cover With Homemade Pipe Instrument


A musical making video with a fun version of Popcorn at the end :)

Added 18 Feb 2021

📼The Time Is Now - Róisín Murphy


A home concert video with Róisín managing to be totally captivating and badass in her living room!

Added 18 Feb 2021

💻Pointer Pointer


A website that detects where your cursor is and choses a photo of a person pointing at it. A momentary diversion, but it’s pretty fun!

Added 18 Feb 2021

📼Joel Haver's Youtube Channel


This guy has been making silly videos for a while and just blew up from 3k subscribers to 733k in the last two months thanks to this series of animations.

Added 18 Feb 2021

📼Jamie Demetriou's Really Good Time


A very stupid music video with some great inspiration for things to do in lockdown.

Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Georgie Ward: Live at St Georges


A live music performance by pianist and synth virtuoso Georgie Ward! Amazing stuff! Georgie was/is the synth player in my new band Bandrucker. We played one gig then I had a baby and the pandemic hit and it all screeched to a halt. I hope to play music with Georgie again when the situation allows, she’s a badass!

Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Unendurable Line


A playful short film about anticipation and release. I also enjoyed this short by the same director.

Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Pink Yesterday - Too Many Zoos


This music video is a joyous brass explosion to blast your frosty cobwebs away.

Added 30 Dec 2020

📺Young Offenders


A comedy series about a couple of teenage tearaways growing up in Ireland. It’s reckless and ridiculous and very sweet at times too :)

Added 19 Nov 2020

📼Stevie Wonder Cover on Harpejji


Corey Henry plays this unusual instrument insanely well! Beautiful stuff!

Added 19 Nov 2020

🎵Period Works - The Album


This house/disco album by Crackazat has been the soundtrack to my new favourite activity: dancing my baby boy around the kitchen in a “keep fit” style! He freakin' loves it and I do too, so that’s pretty perfect really.

Added 19 Nov 2020

🖋The Egg


This short story by Andy Weir about a man who dies and meets his creator is a quickun, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot since reading it!

Added 19 Nov 2020

📼Martin Roberts' Invisible Piano


A silly vid of a man saying “So what made you want to buy this place?” on a TV show, but with piano sounds added to his splayed hand gesture. Made me chuckle anyway :)

Added 9 Oct 2020



This animation of some weird dudes dancing to awesome recorder music is pretty close to what it’s like inside my brain.

Added 9 Oct 2020